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North’s managed portfolios pass A$4bn in AUM
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17 December 2021

North’s managed portfolio range now exceeds A$4 billion in assets under management, having doubled since May this year and increased four-fold from September 2020.

The rapid growth reflects North’s high-quality and growing managed portfolio offer, which now includes equity managed portfolios, launched in November this year. The offer also includes a number of partnered managed portfolios with leading advice practices, and Australia’s first values-based sustainable managed portfolios in the market – MyNorth Sustainable Managed Portfolios.

4-Star investment rating

North’s managed portfolio offer also includes MyNorth IndexPlus Managed Portfolios, which blend low-fee, low-turnover index-based investments with actively managed strategies, providing a diverse and cost-efficient investment solution.

The portfolios recently received a 4-Star ‘Superior’ investment rating from research firm SQM Research, determining them as high investment grade. SQM examines a range of criteria, including investment process and portfolio construction, corporate governance and business strategy, management and people, product features, and quantitative analysis.

The rating will provide confidence to advisers and clients of their investment quality, with the MyNorth Sustainable Portfolios given the same ‘Superior’ rating in November.

AMP’s Director of Platforms, Edwina Maloney said:

“The rapid growth of North’s managed portfolios reflect the many benefits they provide advisers and clients, and the quality of our offers.

“The underlying investments in our managed portfolios are fully transparent, helping clients better understand how their money is invested, particularly when it comes to specialist investment strategies like environmental, social and governance (ESG).

“They are responsive to market volatility and provide tax benefits, given the client is the beneficial owner of the underlying assets. They’re also cost-efficient, with North’s scale allowing us to negotiate discounts on the funds that form part of our portfolios.

“Importantly, managed portfolios also allow advisers to spend more time with clients, confident that high-quality investment managers are taking care of their investments.

“We added 28 new managed portfolios to North during 2021 and will build on the offer as we continue to broaden North’s overall investment menu.”