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Corporate governance

Our corporate governance

We have a responsibility to all our stakeholders, including shareholders, customers, employees, the community and the environment. The board places great importance on maintaining the highest standards of governance and continually reviews its governance practices to address AMP’s obligations as a responsible corporate citizen.


Corporate governance statement

Each year AMP issues a corporate governance statement. The statement sets out the corporate governance framework adopted by the board and outlines the work undertaken by the board and its committees over the past financial year.

View the corporate governance statement


Corporate governance charter

The corporate governance charter adopted by the board of directors of AMP Limited is designed to promote the highest standard of corporate governance across the AMP group. The charter outlines the roles and responsibilities of the board of directors and the management team and operates in conjunction with the AMP constitution and relevant laws.

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The current AMP Limited constitution was adopted by shareholders on 10 May 2012. The constitution outlines the rules and principles for governing our business.

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Corporate policies

For AMP, doing the right thing by the people who depend on us is more than a legal and ethical obligation. It’s an essential part of who we are. Our guiding principles for the way we behave are set out in our code of conduct.

View our code of conduct

AMP is committed to providing a diverse and inclusive working environment where high performing people choose to work. We believe a diverse and inclusive workplace will build a culture where diversity of thought is a competitive advantage, people and their ideas are respected, innovation is fostered and superior results are delivered for employees, customers, shareholders and communities.

View our Inclusion and Diversion policy

In order to meet AMP’s strategic objectives and deliver sustainable growth in earnings and shareholder value we need to take considered risks. Our enterprise risk management policy outlines the components of the risk management framework which have been established to ensure all risks are managed effectively to meet the reasonable expectations of key stakeholders and safeguard AMP’s reputation and capital.

View a summary of our enterprise risk management policy

AMP is committed to creating shared value with the communities in which we operate and to working to build a more sustainable future. We are committed to finding ways to improve environmental performance, maximise resource efficiency and minimise our environmental impact.

View our environment policy

AMP's places great importance on maintaining the highest standard of corporate governance and believes in the importance of fair trading in its securities (including shares, options and performance rights). AMP employees are not allowed to use any form of hedging arrangement in relation to AMP shares.

View our hedging policy

AMP is committed to:

  • ensuring all stakeholders and have equal and timely access to information made available by AMP
  • complying with the continuous disclosure obligations contained in the Listing Rules and the Corporations Act.

View our market disclosure policy

AMP adopts a bi-partisan approach to politics and actively engages in conversations with the government, the opposition, backbenchers and local communities about contemporary and future financial issues and opportunities. AMP provides funding to The Menzies and Chifley Research Centres to support research into significant public policy issues in Australia. AMP also pays fees to attend events organised by political parties where those events allow for discussion on major policy issues with key opinion leaders and policy makers. We do this as part of our contribution to the development of public policy for the benefit of the Australian community and our customers. AMP publicly declares all contributions to political parties consistent with the requirements of the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC). AMP does not make donations for political purposes.


AMP disclosed the following contributions to the AEC for financial year 2015/16.


  • $11,000 to the Menzies Research Centre and $10,000 to the Chifley Research centre for public policy research; and
  • $11,000 for the Federal Labor Business Forum Membership


In 2015/16, contributions include $11,000 to the Menzies Research Centre and $20,000 to the Chifley Research Centre for public policy research. AMP also paid $22,650 to attend Liberal Party policy briefings, conferences and dinners, $11,500 for Federal Labor Business Forum Membership and $500 to attend the Federal Budget Reply Dinner.

AMP expects directors and employees of the company to act with integrity and honesty at all times. The AMP trading policy sets out our policy regarding the trading of AMP securities by directors and employees.


The AMP trading policy aims to:


  • protect stakeholders’ interests at all times
  • ensure that directors and employees do not use any inside information they possess for their or someone else's personal advantage, or to a client's or to AMP’s detriment, and
  • ensure that directors and employees comply with the insider trading provisions of the Corporations Act.


View our trading policy

The board, directors and executive management team are committed to a whistleblower program that encourages, protects and supports responsible reporting of wrongdoing, including fraud, corrupt conduct, questionable accounting and inappropriate workplace behaviour.


Professionalism, honesty and integrity are core to our culture. In a business like ours, everything we do needs to be measured against the highest possible standards. This is more than a legal obligation – it is a fundamental part of who we are and our culture of integrity. With our commitment to reporting wrongdoing, we will continue to build a supportive work environment, which aligns with our values.


Whether you are a current employee, work with AMP as a contractor or supplier, or are a former employee, if you become aware of wrongdoing, we want to know about it. Don’t ignore it. Your commitment can help prevent loss and harm caused by unethical, illegal and irresponsible acts. You can make a difference by getting involved and doing what is right.


If you don’t feel comfortable or safe reporting wrongdoing to your leader or to the People & Culture Advice Line (for AMP employees), you can make a confidential and anonymous report to Your Call. Your Call is an external and independent provider who will bring your information or concerns to our prompt attention, while keeping your information and identity confidential. Contact Your Call via:


  • A dedicated hotline: 1300 790 228 (Australia) or 0800 123 508 (New Zealand)
  • Email to
  • Online at using AMP1849 as the organisation ID
  • Mail to Locked Mail Bag 7777, Malvern VIC 3144 Australia

If you are deaf, or have a hearing or speech impairment, you can contact Your Call online or through the National Relay Service (Australia only). Simply choose your contact method at and request Your Call’s hotline 1300 790 228.


Whistleblowing policy