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How financial advice is changing lives for the better
Advice|Author Jack Regan
22 March 2018

Our financial lives have become ever more complicated and the decisions we make about how to save and where to invest will have profound consequences for our personal goals and aspirations.

Household debt levels in Australia are now significantly higher than a generation ago, approaching 200 per cent of household income. But thanks to compulsory superannuation and the property boom, those of us nearing retirement have seen significant growth in the value of our assets.

At the same time, the investment outlook has become more clouded: many markets look stretched and investment returns are uncertain.

For many of us, the financial choices we make will impact not only our own wellbeing but also the lives of our children, who may not enjoy the same advantages we did and will need our help to get their start in life. It has been noted that older households own a combined $2.8 trillion, much of which will be passed on in the next two decades.

"A carefully tailored financial plan can help more Australians achieve their goals and give them confidence in their future."

These realities are driving a growing hunger for financial help. According to 2016 research by Investment Trends, three million Australians intended to take financial advice in the following two years – double the number from 2013.

Good advice can have a profound impact on people's lives.

A KPMG analysis[1] showed that an individual with a financial adviser from age 30 onwards would accumulate an additional $91,000 over a lifetime, compared to an individual without an adviser.

But perhaps more importantly, advice can deliver peace of mind about money. That sense of wellbeing can be priceless.

University research conducted for the Financial Services Council[2] found 58 per cent of individuals who had an adviser felt secure about their financial futures, compared with only 32 per cent of those who were not advised.

The valuable help financial advisers give their clients every day rarely makes the headlines, which is why we want to bring you more of those stories.

AMP recognises the responsibility that comes with our role as the largest advice business in Australia. We want to help more Australians get the support they need by delivering consistent, high quality financial advice which is relevant, accessible and customer-centred.

We have invested more than any other company in improving advice. We designed a new approach to goals-based advice  because customers told us that talking about their goals motivated them to engage with their finances and plan for the future.

A carefully tailored financial plan can help more Australians achieve their goals and give them confidence in their future.

The story of AMP customer Toni is a perfect illustration. Watch it above. 


Jack Regan is Group Executive, Advice and New Zealand at AMP. 


[1] KPMG (2011). Value Proposition of Financial Advisory Networks – Update and Extension

[2] Financial Services Council (2016). Funding Our Future: Perceptions of the Value of Financial Planning Advice

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