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North launches equity managed portfolios and whitepaper
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29 October 2021

North, one of the leading investment platforms, will significantly expand its capability for advisers and clients through the addition of Australian equities and exchange traded funds to its MyNorth Managed Portfolios.

The new range includes 23 new portfolios from 10 investment managers, including single-sector equity portfolios across large cap, mid and small cap, income, ESG, infrastructure and property and diversified portfolios, with exchange traded funds and managed funds. Investment managers have been closely vetted and selected to ensure market-leading expertise in constructing equity portfolios.

The portfolio additions, available to advisers and their clients from 29 November 2021, build upon North’s existing range of diversified managed portfolios across retirement, ESG, accumulation, income and core/satellite funds.

The new portfolios are part of the ongoing expansion of the North investment range. With expected further additions to North’s menu next month, around 150 new investments will have been added over the course of 2021.

Managed Portfolio Whitepaper

To coincide with the launch of the new portfolio range, North has launched a Managed Portfolio Whitepaper to support advisers with the implementation of managed portfolio investment strategies. Developed by North and the Institute of Managed Account Professionals (IMAP), the Whitepaper provides valuable insights from industry professionals on how managed portfolios are constructed, blended and best used by advisers to help build retirement wealth for clients.  The paper is available here.

AMP Director of Platforms Edwina Maloney, said:

“The launch of equity managed portfolios on the North platform delivers on our strategy and ongoing commitment to providing advisers and clients with more investment choice.

“The portfolios will be competitively priced and delivered with a range of resources and functionality enhancements to the platform to make it easy and cost-effective for advisers to trade. This includes floating investment profiles and in-specie transferal of underlying client assets.

“The portfolios reflect the wide-ranging enhancements we’re making to North to help advisers deliver quality advice and improve business efficiency. 

“In the past year, we’ve reduced North’s administration fees, reduced brokerage fees, expanded North’s diversified and partnered managed portfolio offers and launched the MyNorth Guarantees, while our new North Education Hub is also helping more and more advisers.

“We’re determined to ensure North competes strongly across price, functionality and investment choice.

“Advisers and clients can shortly expect further wholesale additions to the investment menu.”

Features of North’s equity managed portfolio offer

Key features of North’s equity managed portfolio offer include:

  • Floating investment profiles, meaning the relative asset allocations of the managed portfolio change each day in proportion to the daily market movement of the underlying assets.
  • A new managed portfolio cash account will replace the platform cash account (for portfolios with floating investment profiles) as the central point for portfolio distributions, dividends and other receipts and payments.
  • The North platform will support both an individual and omnibus HIN structure, with clients having the option to in-specie transfer (at no cost) from an individual to an omnibus HIN.
  • The transfer of underlying assets for a client’s portfolio will be done through an in-specie transfer from the North platform into your client’s portfolio, meaning no change to beneficial ownership and unnecessary realisation of capital gains.
  • North will provide monthly and quarterly reporting, displaying the top 10 underlying holdings for equity portfolios and the full list of holdings for diversified portfolios.

More information about the new portfolios is available at

North’s equity managed portfolio investment managers

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