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AMP launches new ‘Financial Help Hub’
Super and retirement
06 December 2018

Navigating the complex world of day-to-day banking and finance has been made easier with the launch of AMP’s new ‘financial help hub.’

The website is a one-stop-shop for financial education, with tools and tips to help better understand money, investing and planning for retirement.

AMP’s Director of Strategic Marketing and Customer Experience Lara Bourguignon said the primary objective of ‘the hub’ is to provide expert help.

Too often financial information is jargon heavy and difficult to understand. The aim of our website is to break down complex terms and better educate our customers on ways to manage money, grow wealth and plan for the future.”

The hub focuses on the financial information you need to know in everyday life.  We have pages on how to take control of your debts, save for retirement and how to build a budget."

At AMP we work from a goals-based philosophy to help our customers achieve financial freedom. The hub provides customers with a good starting point to research what is important to them. They can also use our tools and calculators to model how their retirement may look or the impact of making extra repayments to their home loan,” Ms Bourguignon said. 

Financial Help Hub expert knowledge pages 
  • Manage my money - how to manage and protect your cash, reduce debt and save for future goals.
  • Grow my wealth - insights into ways you could invest money and options for growing your super.
  • Planning my future - how much money you may need in retirement and how to make the most of your entitlements.

For more information visit AMP’s Financial help hub