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Life is better in 3s with AMP’s Bett3r banking account
07 November 2018

AMP is today launching a new advertising campaign to show why things are better when they come in 3s. The video ad campaign highlights the features of AMP’s Bett3r banking account, where you can link three accounts together to make managing your money easier.

AMP’s director of strategic marketing and customer experience Lara Bourguignon said the purpose of the campaign was to reach a new customer audience.

“Our Bett3r campaign targets customers at the beginning of their search for a new bank account.  In this campaign we have used video creative to illustrate why things are better in 3s, including managing your finances.”

“In today’s busy world, not many of us have time for complicated budgets.  As a wealth management enterprise our aim is to help customers achieve their financial goals – that starts with managing your day-to-day spending more effectively,” said Ms Bourguignon.

“In today’s busy world, not many of us have time for complicated budgets."

AMP Bank group executive Sally Bruce said the award winning Bett3r account combines clever money management with advanced technology.

“Unlike some other bank accounts, Bett3r links three accounts, which work together as one. There is the account you use to pay bills, another to save towards your goals, and a third for your everyday spending money.

“The three linked accounts work together to provide an accurate view of income, bills, progress on savings goals and spending priorities, through the unique AMP Bett3r app.”

You can also view the Bett3r Account in AMP’s mobile wealth management tool My AMP, which provides customers with a holistic view of their wealth, including super, insurance, investments and banking.


More information about Bett3r is available here. 

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