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10 April 2019

Pictured: AMP Graduate Program alumni, Ciara Crimmins (2017 cohort)

“Through the grad program I’ve learned to be much more confident in my abilities – it’s important to remember you’ve been chosen for a reason.”

With AMP’s Graduate Program in the process of selecting its next batch of candidates three people who know exactly how prospective grads might feel are first year grad Sebastian Madden, second year grad Courtney Stubbs, and alumni Ciara Crimmins.

The trio have been involved in AMP’s Graduate Program during the last three years and understand the application process and the daunting feeling of settling in as a new AMP recruit.

“When I first started researching AMP ahead of my application the fact that it wasn’t part of the ‘big four’ really interested me,” Ciara said.

“During my interviews I really felt like AMP wanted me to succeed.”

“I had gone to interviews for other grad programs, but I never felt as comfortable at a company as I did at AMP.”

“All my strengths and abilities have been embraced."

Ciara began with AMP’s graduate program in 2017 – this year is her first working for the company outside of the program.

With an IT background she entered AMP’s technology stream and has graduated to working as part of the company’s cyber security team.

“I was quite nervous about being part of the team but having a slightly different background has helped me bring out something someone else might have been unable to,” she said.

Pictured: AMP Graduate Program 2019 cohort member, Sebastian Madden

Sebastian Madden shares similar feelings.

He is just a few months into his first rotation – a process that will see him move through four different roles with AMP Capital during his two years as grad.

“AMP is a company with 170 years of history and with that comes the opportunity to work alongside some of the best and brightest people in Australia,” Sebastian said.

He says the processes put in place by the team behind the grad program have left him feeling confident that he will easily be able to work through any problems he could face.

“You have people constantly providing you with the information you’ll need in order to grow and learn in the way you want,” he said.

Pictured: AMP Graduate Program 2018 cohort member, Courtney Stubbs

Second year grad Courtney Stubbs is a year away from reaching alumni status but has successfully navigated her way through her first year in AMP’s Graduate Program.

Courtney credits the experience she has received from the graduate program with developing her confidence and providing a nurturing environment for her to thrive in professionally.

“All my strengths and abilities have been embraced,” Courtney said.

Courtney recommends that anyone hoping to enter the AMP Graduate Program from 2020 onwards reflect on both their professional and personal development.

“Remember to enjoy the grad experience and don’t be intimated,” she said.

 “I’ve learned to be resilient and roll with the punches, sometimes you end up in a position you can’t control, and you always need to be prepared to take a step back and look at the bigger picture.”

Assessment centres for our 2020 graduate program run from this week until early May, as aspiring grads take the next step toward becoming an AMP employee.

Those who make it through to the AMP Graduate Program will then have the opportunity to work across one of nine business streams during their time with the company.