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Amplify explores our limitless potential
Innovation|Author Craig Ryman
24 April 2019

In a time of rapid change, traditional business models, old modes of thinking, and legacy systems will be no match for the next generation of businesses.

To compete with, or indeed become, organisations of the future, we need to shift our thinking today, adopt an exponential mindset and question what we are doing and why.

Since 2005, AMP has been proud to present Amplify, Australia’s leading business and innovation platform for exploring the latest global trends in technology, innovation and customer experience with some of the world’s boldest thinkers. From a one-day event with three speakers, the Amplify Festival has now grown to a week-long event with more than 30 speakers.

 Now in its 14th year, the 2019 Amplify Festival will explore the theme of ‘Limitless’. We’ll explore innovation and disruption, artificial intelligence, robotics, automation, the future of customer experience, trust, creativity, and the future of work.

To remain competitive in an ever-changing environment, we need to find inspiration and ideas from a diverse range of industries. This is why we are excited to bring together thinkers from across many frontiers – from a robotics entrepreneur to an astronaut, and Peter Schwartz, Senior Vice President – Strategic Planning at Salesforce.

By reassessing how we work, and by tapping into new ideas, we’ll be better placed to create organisations that are more customer-centred, more agile and adaptive, and with a pipeline of innovation.

As we find new ways to navigate the evolving landscape, Amplify has been a catalyst in enabling customer-centred design across the business. One example of this is AMP’s work in the Cloud. Based on insights from Amplify Festival 2011, when the Cloud was emerging as a capability, AMP was a first-mover in migrating applications to the Cloud. Today we’re well advanced on this journey. We can deploy Cloud services in under three minutes, automated applications build and configure themselves in under 20 minutes, and we’re innovating for customers in the Cloud.

I’m incredibly proud of Amplify. It helps us develop our people by bringing some of the boldest thinkers on innovation and disruption to AMP and our community, to share their insights into emerging trends in a fast-changing world.

I look forward to sharing Amplify with our people, business partners, customers and the broader Australian business community over the coming weeks and hope that we can all be inspired by our collective limitless potential.

The 2019 Amplify Festival will run from 3 to 7 June 2019. 

Craig Ryman is the Chief Operating Officer at AMP.