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Changing behaviours: the new human experience, now and next
Customer experience |Author Mark Curtis
17 April 2020

Across the world, we are witnessing massive behaviour change at a scale and speed that we’ve never seen before. We are facing the biggest global event – and challenge – of our lifetimes, and it is changing the experience of being a customer, employee, citizen, human.

There are practical steps organisations can take to respond to the five major human implications to expect from people’s behaviour now, and next. We identify these five implications as:

1. The cost of confidence: Pandemics are real and can deeply affect our lives

2. The virtual century: The sudden acceleration of a 25-year-old trend

3. Every business is a health business: Health as an everyday pre-occupation beyond anything we have seen

4. Cocooning: The retreat to a safe space

5. The reinvention of authority: Get it right and governments will be seen to have been effective…and many brands will have to really rethink what they are for.

This is an unparalleled situation for customers, employees, and leaders of organisations. Expect to see behavior change at scale for some time to come.

What will have changed in the way we think? How will that affect the way we design, communicate, build and run the experiences that people need and want? As we navigate the unknown present and future together, we believe the most important action any organisation can take is to commit to the continuous process of an experience audit based on a deep understanding of the behaviour changes we’re seeing.

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Mark Curtis is Chief Client Officer and Co-Founder at Fjord, and Innovation Lead, Accenture Interactive

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