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Singing the praises of AMP’s Unsung Heroes this National Volunteer Week
18 May 2020

The AMP Foundation is celebrating a decade of supporting volunteer-led charities through its Unsung Heroes program, which recognises the outstanding contributions of AMP employees who donate their time and expertise to the community. To date, the program has provided close to $1.5 million to 149 non-profit organisations.

Unsung Heroes acknowledges AMP employees who have volunteered with a non-profit organisation for more than 80 hours a year or volunteered on the board of a charity.

In 2020, the program celebrates 46 AMP Unsung Heroes from across the business for their work over the past year. Each of the organisations they volunteer with has received a share of more $138,000 provided by the AMP Foundation.

For many of the small organisations – which work in fields as diverse as health, disability support, education, sport, the arts and animal welfare – the Unsung Heroes donation has come at a critical time.

Meet our Unsung Heroes

Sarah McCarthy, an Adelaide-based AMP Partnership Manager, has been recognised for her volunteer work with Dance Down - a dance program for young people with special needs run by Down Syndrome South Australia (DSSA).

Sarah has volunteered with the non-profit organisation since 2014, giving her time as an assistant dance teacher every Monday night and helping with stage management, community events and fundraising.

“It’s fantastic to have these kids and young adults together,” Sarah said. “It’s not only special to the dancers, but also their families who see them perform and celebrate the amazing people they are.”

Like all of our Unsung Heroes, Sarah says volunteering is a two-way street: “I love seeing how much joy dance brings to these kids’ lives. The benefit to them is immense, but the benefit to yourself is invaluable.

“My advice to anyone who is considering volunteering is ‘just do it’. Life’s busy. I’m a mum, I work and sometimes, if it’s a cold and rainy night, I may not feel like going out. But you get there and it’s all worthwhile.”

Unsung Heroes is just one of many AMP Foundation initiatives that facilitates and rewards the generosity of AMP employees and advisers. In 2019, half of all AMP’s staff took part in an AMP Foundation community initiative, including payroll giving, fundraising and volunteering.

“The AMP Foundation team is constantly amazed by the generosity and community spirit that exists at AMP. From hosting fundraisers to providing high-level professional support to charities and AMP Tomorrow Makers through our skilled volunteering program, our people can always be relied on to give back,” said Helen Liondos, Head of AMP Foundation.

“Our Unsung Heroes are those who take their commitment a step further and give a substantial amount of their time to so many vital organisations that work at the grassroots and rely heavily on volunteers. The feedback we receive from small charities in particular demonstrates the incredibly valuable role that volunteers play in our society – now more than ever.”

Since 1992, the AMP Foundation has invested more than $100 million into the community to help organisations and individuals bring about positive change.

One of the nation’s largest corporate foundations, it supports a range of non-profits that help Australians build financial security and better futures. These principles have been at the centre of AMP’s broader business for more than 170 years.

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