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AMP accelerates cultural change actions
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10 September 2020
AMP today announces further important actions to accelerate its cultural transformation, as it focuses on building a more respectful and inclusive workplace.

Today, it has announced the following initiatives:

  • Comprehensive workplace conduct review – AMP has appointed Symmetra, a global inclusion and diversity consultancy, to undertake a comprehensive workplace conduct review. The review will objectively assess conduct at AMP, and make recommendations covering policies, leadership, governance and behaviours. Symmetra will then work with AMP to implement and embed the recommended changes.
  • Inclusive leadership program – AMP has also appointed Symmetra to deliver an inclusive leadership program to help drive better performance across all levels of the organisation. The program will begin in October.
  • AMP Board Culture Working Group – a Culture Working Group of the Board, led by AMP Chair Debra Hazelton, has been established. Oliver Wyman has been appointed to support the Culture Working Group formalise the shared beliefs of the Board, providing a framework for systems and expectations driving culture, governance and strategy.

These initiatives build on the work of AMP’s recently established Inclusion Taskforce, chaired by Group CEO Francesco De Ferrari and comprising employee representatives from across the organisation.

AMP also established a Group Integrity Office earlier this year to manage complaints and conduct issues as well as embedding risk culture initiatives within the business.

Chair of the AMP Limited Board, Debra Hazelton commented:

“The Board and I acknowledge the critical need to create a more diverse, inclusive and safe workplace. By articulating the Board’s beliefs regarding the preferred organisational culture, we intend to provide foundational support for Francesco’s number one priority – to create a culture built on mutual trust and respect, which in turn drives high performance.”

AMP Chief Executive Francesco De Ferrari commented:

“While there are many positive elements in our culture, we acknowledge that we have significant work to do. The workplace conduct review and inclusive leadership program we’ve announced today are an important investment in our people and will help us create the high performing, inclusive culture we want for the company.” 

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