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AMP announces Reconciliation Action Plan to further support First Australians
25 September 2020
AMP has today announced its ‘Innovate’ Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) to build on its contribution towards reconciliation in Australia.

The RAP recognises the importance of making positive contributions by improving both AMP’s services and economic participation in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and enterprises.

AMP’s approach to reconciliation is focused on working collaboratively with Australia's First Peoples to promote financial wellbeing and implement initiatives that aim to develop cultural understanding, create opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and proudly celebrate Australia's heritage.

The development of the Innovate RAP will build on AMP’s existing reconciliation initiatives, including an AMP Capital RAP launched in 2019. 

Reconciliation has long been a priority for AMP and its philanthropic arm, the AMP Foundation, which has supported education and employment opportunities for First Australians through strategic partnerships with organisations such as the Clontarf Foundation, Global Sisters, First Australians Capital and more.

AMP Chief Executive Francesco De Ferrari commented:

“I am proud to announce AMP’s first group-wide RAP to bring together initiatives from across our business and further support First Australians.

“Our RAP outlines initiatives that aim to improve financial wellbeing for First Australians as well as broader reconciliation initiatives that recognise and celebrate Australia’s rich Indigenous heritage.

“Supporting financial wellbeing is a critical part of what we do at AMP and this new RAP will help ensure more Indigenous Australians have access to opportunities and support to set themselves up for financial success.

“We all have a role to play in supporting reconciliation and this RAP will support the wider AMP business in ensuring greater reconciliation both now and in the years to come.”

An AMP RAP Committee will oversee the delivery of the RAP and provide strategic recommendations on reaching greater reconciliation within the business as well as for clients. The RAP Committee consists of representatives from key business units, who are responsible for implementing AMP’s vision for reconciliation including First Australians Program Manager and Cultural Advisor, Binowee Bayles, a local Koori woman born and raised on Gadigal land.

First Australians Program Manager and Cultural Advisor, Binowee Bayles commented:

“As a proud First Nations woman, I’m excited to have been involved in the launch of AMP’s RAP to further reconciliation. I’m looking forward to working with the RAP Committee to drive change for Indigenous Australians. During the next two years, our focus areas will include the financial wellbeing of Indigenous communities, the employment of First Australians within AMP and the further development of a cultural awareness framework to be delivered to our employees.”

AMP’s Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan is available here.

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