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AMP accelerates move to the cloud with AWS
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28 January 2021

Image Credit: Pexels

AMP has announced it has selected Amazon Web Services (AWS) to accelerate its move to the cloud and intends to migrate 100 per cent of its on-premises workloads to AWS by 2022.

Migrating its applications to the cloud will allow AMP to leverage the flexibility and scalability of AWS to drive simplification of its products and services and increase innovation that enhances the client experience.

AMP was an early adopter of cloud technology, having migrated more than half of its applications through cloud-native deployments since 2012. Migrating all remaining on-premises environments to AWS will allow AMP to increase speed of service and more effectively scale operations in the cloud.

AMP is continuing its technology push into the cloud. Image credit: Pexels

The cloud-native environment provided by AWS is underpinned by services such as the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), AWS Managed Services and Amazon Guard Duty, allowing AMP to benefit from additional security controls and take advantage of embedded, automated tools that help to meet compliance requirements.

AMP Chief Technology and Data Officer, Jacqui Visch commented:

“AMP is in its second year of a three-year transformation to become a simpler, client-led and growth-oriented business. An important component of any client-led transformation is the ability to execute and create digitalised and data driven experiences. Embracing the cloud allows this to happen at speed and scale. We’re delighted to collaborate with AWS to support our digital transformation.

“Our deep experience in cloud technology and moving to AWS Managed Services, will give us the ability to move at pace while ensuring that our services are always up-to-date as well as cost-efficient.”

Amazon Web Services Managing Director for Commercial Sector, Australia and New Zealand, Adam Beavis commented:

“As one of the first Australian companies to use AWS, AMP has always understood the benefit of being cloud-first to optimise its processes and find new ways to innovate on behalf of clients. By migrating all its workloads to AWS, AMP will automate workflows, unlocking efficiencies to drive operational excellence, deliver exceptional client experiences, and ultimately transform its business.”

To accelerate its digital and data transformation, AMP has collaborated with AWS to launch the AMP Cloud Academy. The Academy is centred around a self-service digital learning hub that delivers bespoke learning pathways that are tailored to different levels (from cloud novices to experts) and an individual’s needs comprising of: interactive training sessions with accredited AWS instructors, immersion days, hackathons, and lunch & learn cloud 101 sessions.

Ms Visch continued: “We’re creating a future-ready tech workforce at AMP – and our people are highly motivated to upskill their capabilities. When we initially launched the program in June 2020, within a day, we received more than 400 registrations.”

“Cloud presents us with the opportunity to create a tech-first culture. Working in the cloud makes us more agile and with this comes the ability to foster innovation and deliver automated services at speed for our clients.”  

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