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Redemption of Subordinated Notes Issued by AMP Limited 23 October 2023
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24 October 2023

AMP Limited refers to the A$250 million subordinated and unsecured notes it issued on 15 November 2018 with a maturity date of 15 November 2028 (Notes).

Under the Terms of the Notes, AMP has the option to redeem all or some of the Notes on 15 November 2023 (Optional Redemption Date), subject to the prior receipt of written approval from the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA).

The redemption of the Notes has been approved by APRA and AMP has given notice to holders of the Notes that it will redeem all Notes on the Optional Redemption Date.

AMP’s redemption of the Notes does not imply or indicate that AMP or AMP Bank will in the future exercise any right they may have to redeem any other outstanding regulatory capital instruments.

The Holders will receive the Face Value together with any Interest accrued on the Notes to (but excluding) the Optional Redemption Date.

Terms used, but not defined within this document are defined in the Terms of the Notes which are contained within the Information Memorandum dated 12 November 2018.