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Powering the next generation of client reviews and recontributions on North
Super and retirement
06 June 2024

North, one of Australia’s leading wrap investment platforms, has launched a new interactive tool for financial advisers through North Online, supporting client review reports. 

North Interactive allows advisers to visualise their client’s account and performance information in a seamless way, enabling deeper client engagement during reviews. With clear visuals and the ability to merge data across multiple accounts, North Interactive will save advisers time and enable powerful client conversations. 

The interactive account snapshot provides a high-level client overview including portfolio value, performance, asset allocation and account movements, allowing advisers to drill down into the information they need on-screen and have custom-made readily accessible reports for each client.

The new digital reporting suite also integrates with Microsoft 365, allowing an adviser to add their own branding and personal commentary to present client reports online or export them as a standalone MS Word or PDF document. 

Together with North’s newly launched ‘Recontribution Wizard’, advisers on North can now transfer from super or pension to IDPS and back to super in one workflow for eligible accounts. This helps advisers stay on top of recontributions with a new activity type, stay on platform and avoid buy/sell costs, as well as amplify their strategic advice offering for clients. 

Providing optionality and choice with six new managed portfolios

North is also pleased to announce it has expanded its investment menu with the launch of six new managed portfolios.

Available to advisers on North, the new managed portfolio suite is managed by Activam Group, an investment firm that specialises in providing multi-asset portfolio management and investment consulting services to wealth advice practices and superannuation funds.

Advisers on North can now provide their clients with a greater breadth of choice in managed portfolios, expertly underpinned by Activam’s active investment management approach. 

The six multi-asset portfolios in the range include the Activam Conservative and Income Portfolio, Moderate Portfolio, Index-Focused Balanced Portfolio, Balanced Portfolio, Growth Portfolio and High Growth Portfolio options.

A total of 22 managed portfolios have been added to North in calendar year 2024, all of which are diversified, helping more advisers cater to their clients’ changing needs.

Robert Talevski, Activam Group managing director and founder said:

“We are thrilled to be offering access to the Activam Multi-Asset SMA investment portfolios through North. Our investment team takes an active approach to portfolio management, bringing together our extensive experience, knowledge, and best ideas.”

“The demand has been fantastic, as we stay committed to delivering exceptional opportunities and outcomes for advisers and their clients, through quality and performance focus.”

Edwina Maloney, AMP Group Executive, Platforms said:

“Adviser feedback is so critical to the way in which we continue to invest in product enhancements and functionality, which is why we have launched North Interactive, a game-changer in helping more advisers digitally engage with their clients at review time.”

“Together with our Recontribution Wizard, North is giving advisers confidence and certainty with same-day transfer functionality, greater portfolio customisability than ever before and seamless client reporting at review time.

“North also continues to invest in optionality and choice by giving advisers the confidence that their platform is the easiest to use in the market with a growing range of tailored investment solutions and best of breed functionality.” 

“That’s why we’re thrilled to be welcoming Activam to our platform with six new managed portfolios on North, as we continue to set the pace with the fasting growing offer in the market.”

“Thanks to this partnership, North is offering advisers access to an extensive new range of actively managed portfolios with diversified risk profiles across different styles, investment timeframes and exposures that help drive advice practice efficiency whilst also lowering its cost to serve.”

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