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AMP launches new ‘Simplifying Super’ podcast series
Super and retirement
08 April 2021

AMP has launched a new podcast series – Simplifying Super – designed to help Australians build their knowledge of the superannuation system and take greater control of their retirement.

In the new series, AMP’s Adam Marsters explores a range of topics with AMP’s resident superannuation experts John Perri and Fabian Bussoletti (pictured below).


Topics range from the history and purpose of Australia’s superannuation and retirement systems, tax concessions, additional contributions, drawdowns, to what happens to your super if you pass away.

Episode 1, which looks at the history and evolution of Australia’s superannuation system, is now available. The other five episodes will be released weekly.  

Accessible through leading podcast platforms – Spotify, Google and Apple – the podcasts are an easy, convenient way for Australians to build their knowledge on a topic critical to their wellbeing and quality of life in later years.

Stephen Owen, AMP’s Workplace Super Engagement General Manager said:

“Our world class super system is a purpose built, tax friendly way to help Australians retire well. For most, super is our biggest financial asset after the family home when we retire.

“Unfortunately, many of us still leave it too late to properly engage with our super and miss out on taking full advantage of the system – super is an asset we should understand and nurture from as young an age as possible, because we know small changes now can multiply into big benefits over the years.”

“And with millions drawing down their super balances during COVID-19, it’s never been more important to build knowledge.

“Our new podcast series – easily accessible through mobile and online platforms – draws on the deep knowledge of AMP’s experts to help you better understand the ins and outs of our super and retirement systems.

“It will help you make informed decision about your super and retirement, which can be transformational to quality of life.”

You can subscribe to the Simplifying Super podcast series through Spotify, Google Podcasts and Apple Podcasts