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Dr Shane Oliver looks at inflation and a possible May interest rate hike
Economy and markets
28 April 2022

With Australia’s inflation figures on the rise, all eyes are fixed on 3 May where the Reserve Bank of Australia will next meet.

The RBA previously suggested it would hold any potential rate hike until after Australia goes to the polls on 21 May, but current conditions may see our central bank act sooner.

So to what extent could the RBA raise interest rates? What are the implications for investors? And are there any political repercussions of raising rates during an election campaign?

In his latest Oliver’s Insights podcast, our Chief Economist Dr Shane Oliver shares his thoughts on how the coming weeks may play out.

Whether you’re an investor or just a curious mind, Dr Oliver answers all your big questions and much more.

Part of AMP's Simplifying Investing series, this podcast can be accessed through all major streaming platforms, including SpotifyApple Podcasts and Google Podcasts.

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